Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Hmmmm, interesting...

I received the details for my second interview which is happening on Wednesday, including a timetable which mentioned the other three candidates' names. One of whom used to work on a contract basis at [insert company name]. For me. Well, in the sense that he was a programmer on a project where I was lead designer.

The other candidates are all men.

Those are the facts. Anything else would be pure speculation.

Tuesday morning's iPod "shuffle" to work

Yellow - Coldplay
King of Pain - Police
Just can't get enough - Depeche Mode
The way I am - Eminem

Random work conversation

Colleague A: What group was Rick Wakeman in?
Other colleagues: Hmmmm...
Witho: Oh, some prog rock band, I'll look it up on the Internet
Colleague B: Was he in Moody Blues?
Colleague C: Nah, it was Genesis
Witho (having checked on the internet): He was in Yes and the Strawbs (thinking that this would be an end to the conversation)
Colleague A: No, I'm sure he was in Moody Blues
Witho: *wonders if she's invisible or inaudible* He was in Yes and the Strawbs
Colleague D (after phoning her daughter to check): He was in Minder
Witho: ?

*laughs to self*

Witho: No, that's Denis Waterman. Rick Wakeman was in Yes and the Strawbs, as well as having a solo career
Colleague B: I still think he was in Moody Blues...
Witho: *sighs*

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