Saturday, January 29, 2005

If it ain't broke...

If you look at my sidebar, just above the photo of me and the Big Fella, there is a strange graphic. This is supposed to be the last image sent to my moblog. In truth, it *is* the last image which was (inadvertently) sent to my moblog.

"Witho, why would you send a strange graphic to your moblog? Is this some feeble attempt at being "arty" or something?"

No, reader, no. Hear me out.

You see, recently my current mobile provider has taken it upon itself to change the format of multimedia messaging, so that when I send a photo from my phone to an email address, rather than simply attaching the photo as a jpg file as it used to, it displays the photo within the message, surrounded by various logos advising the recipient of such fascinating and previously unknown facts, such as:

"You have received a Picture Message".

No, surely not! I *never* would have known that from the unread message in my inbox with a picture in it. Particularly when I sent the bloody thing myself. Gosh, I'm glad you're here to clear that one up for me!

An irritating side effect of this is that when I send the photo directly to my moblog, it displays all of the attached graphics as moblog entries as well. And whilst I have logged in to textamerica to remove the offending entries, unfortunately the "recent" link to the left has retained one of these infamous graphics for your delectation. Just try to ignore it...

The other issue with their new "régime" is saving the photo from the email. I right click on it, select "Save picture as" and am only given the option of saving it as a bitmap. Okay, I can then open the bitmap and save it as a jpg, but that's not the point. It's particularly irritating when I hover over the photo and the hover text is "[gobbledegook].jpg".

I raised this with the mobile network provider and their rather curt response informed me that this was a Microsoft issue and not one they could advise on. Let's just say my emailed response to this was considerably less civil than my original message...

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