Friday, January 21, 2005

My last day at [insert organisation name]

Walking into work this morning on my last day, I didn't see the usual suspects.

I didn't see the cyclist with the eighties "Lady Di" hairstyle labouring up what appears only to be a small incline on "G" street.

I didn't see the mother and daughter "combo" as I turned into the main road; the sullen teenager lurking several deliberate paces behind her mother as if to deny their connection, but both wearing their trousers a couple of inches too short so that they flap around their ankles ("jack-ups" as we used to call this phenomenon at school).

I didn't see the little yellow S-reg Renault Clio that reminded me of the time when I had a little yellow S-reg Renault Clio.

I truly believe that it's a luxury to be able to walk to one's place of work - a luxury which I will no longer have after today. We have managed without a car for 4.5 months and, had I not got this job, would have managed for longer. It's a shame that public transport is so lamentable down here. The nearest train station is a good 5 miles away from my new workplace, there are no useful buses and I'm too scared to cycle. I've even considered running as I can run 5 miles reasonably comfortably these days. But twice a day! Even *I'm* not that much of an enthusiast...

So, tomorrow I pick up my new car.

I've taken next week off to recharge my batteries and check out the latest addition to the Witho clan.

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