Monday, January 10, 2005

Witho - the 12" megamix

Colleague's comment regarding the new permanent secretary who has just been recruited:
"Well, I hope she can make tea"
Witho: *speechless*

Whilst searching for a document in the filing "system" (such as it is), I come across a series of documents entitled "Ac hod meetings". Now, I know what a hod is, but I'm not sure about the "Ac" bit - Athletics Club? What this has to do with Primary Care Nursing, I'm yet to discover...

Dear "Very experienced secretary"

If you type "Page 2/cont'd" at the top of the main page of a Word document, and then insert some more text on page 1, your "helpful" page numbering system will go awry. Get to know your word processor. Sometimes, it can make things easier for you!

Love Witho

Dear sleep "gland"

I ran 6.6 miles yesterday. That's 10.62 kilometres. I know that because of this site, which is quite handy for conversions. This is by far the longest distance I have ever run. Hence, or otherwise, when I lay my head upon my pillow at 11pm, I expect to be able to sleep like a log. In actual fact, I slept like a baby, in that I woke up every couple of hours, filled a nappy and cried for milk. Possibly. Well, the first part, anyway.

Love Witho

I had a call from a confused interview candidate on Friday, checking where her interview was being held. On the letter she'd received from recruitment, it was stated that the interview was at Head Office, whilst in passing, someone had mentioned that it was being held at a different venue. Colleague X (the interviewer) had told recruitment the wrong venue. Shambles.

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