Thursday, March 31, 2005

Blog Abuse

I'm running the Race for Life again this year, in Bristol on 14th May. It's a 5km race for women only, aimed at raising money for Cancer Research UK.

Yes, I know that 5km (just over 3 miles) for me is more like a walk in the park these days - the main reason I'm doing it, though, it is to accompany my sister who, inspired by my own foray into running 2 years ago, decided that she would have a crack at it too.

Obviously, the *whole point* of running it is to raise money - you can read why this issue is close to my heart here.

You know what's coming, don't you?

If you'd like to sponsor me, go here. It's my secure on-line sponsorship site. You can choose to be an anonymous sponsor on the web page, so others won't see your name on the sponsor list. However, I will be informed of who you are, so if you'd rather not do it that way, drop me an email (address on your left).

I would be truly grateful for anything you feel you can donate.

I'll shut up now.

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