Friday, March 18, 2005


I found out yesterday that one of my new colleagues has a "special" name for me. "The Amazon".

I certainly *hope* he's not referring to the "folk etymology" of the word, which I'm told is to do with them chopping a boob off so that they could shoot with a bow and arrow without said boob getting in the way. Maybe I'm a bit lop-sided!

I'd also be intrigued if he was likening me to the third definition:

"A small green parrot of the genus Amazona, having a short tail and red-and-blue wings, native to Central and South America".

But let's assume he's thinking along the lines of "A tall, aggressive, strong-willed woman".

"Witho is a tall, aggressive, strong-willed woman" - Discuss.

Tall - 5'10" (1.77m) for a girl is above average, particularly when juxtaposed with a variety of shorter than average, male colleagues.

Aggressive - certainly passive-aggressive, but rarely confrontational in practice. People often find me unapproachable at first. I think it's because my shyness is interpreted as aloofness. I can be quite opinionated and ranty if you start me on certain topics, and I guess this could be taken as aggression, even though it's aimed at the subject about which I'm ranting, rather than the person with whom I am sharing my rant.

Strong-willed - certainly not when it comes to sweets...

All in all, though, I prefer to be thought of as an Amazon than a goth, which I was accused of being many times at [insert old company name].

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