Friday, March 11, 2005

Let's rock!

Okay, so who allowed me to buy a bag of Haribo Liquorice Cream Rock? Eh? Who allowed me to put them in my top drawer, within easy reach, for discreet yet constant daytime nibbling? Eh? What were they thinking of?

I should be chaperoned in shops which sell the full range of Haribo sweets... although I didn't see any "Build a burger" (more's the pity)...


They never did phone me back, y'know (see post below). I had to call them again, a few hours later. This time, I was subjected to much less inquisition and was able to speak to [insert random name], who dealt with my enquiry quickly, helpfully and efficiently. The End.


I'm giving myself a day off running this Sunday. The Big Fella has been on "duty" at school all week which means he will be working all day Saturday (instead of just the morning). Bloody boarding school, stealing my man away... Anyway, what this means is the *only* time we'll have together is Sunday and if I run, that's pretty much half the day gone with the run itself and the rest of the day written off through general inability to stand up or walk, which can hamper activities somewhat, I find.


Dear Witho would like to apologise for the extreme dullness of the above post and hopes that this will not deter the reader from future visits.

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