Friday, March 04, 2005


During my relatively stress-free daily jaunts up and down the rather sedate M5 (remember, I "grew up" on the M25...) I've noticed a proliferation of "mobile homes" making their way presumably to or from caravan parks in the West Country. When I say "mobile homes", I'm not talking about those winnebago type things. I'm talking about a "home" so "mobile" that it requires a large articulated lorry to transport it (usually straddling more than one lane on the motorway) to its resting place, whence it will *never* move again. Very mobile. The sort of mobile home which costs about as much as 10 years' worth of luxury holidays to a variety of destinations around the world.

See, I just don't *get* why you would buy one of those things.

Camper vans - yes, I get it. Wouldn't really want it for myself, but it's a relatively normal-sized (and priced) vehicle with sleeping and catering facilities which allow you the freedom to take ad-hoc breaks without having to worry about accommodation.

Winnebagos/Motor homes - hmmm, much bigger, much more cumbersome, much more expensive. But still, in its defence, a bona fide vehicle incorporating more spacious accommodation, allowing the user to take their accommodation with them to wherever they want to go (within the limitations of the size of the vehicle of course).

Caravans - oh dear. Not a proper vehicle in its own right. Must be attached to a car and driven by an "amateur" who often does not have the requisite skills to drive an articulated vehicle. Causes havoc on A roads all over the country as well as being aesthetically abhorrent. Yes, we're getting further and further away from Witho's idea of holiday accommodation.

Mobile homes a.k.a. "static caravans". Not mobile. Not a home. Can't think why anyone would actually *buy* one. And even staying in one of these in a caravan park is not as cheap as you might imagine.

No, these days, with cheap flights and plenty of quality self-catering accommodation to be found in this country and abroad (cottages, gîtes etc) there can be no excuse for these monstrosities.

Witho has spoken.
Good morrow.

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