Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Parasites and Jobsworths

Operator: [typical double-surname-based solicitors firm name], good morning
Witho: Hello, could you put me through to the conveyancing department please?
Operator: What's the reference?
Witho: It's Miss Witho concerning the purchase of [address of proposed new Witho mansions] *thinks: "this should be enough information for them"*
Operator: Is there a reference?
Witho: Um, I'm not sure, it might be [insert BF's surname], I don't have the letter with me
Operator: Do you know who's dealing with the purchase?
Witho: No I'm afraid I don't
*thinks: Christ, it's not that big a company, surely you can find out from the address who's dealing with it*
Operator: Is it [insert random name]?
Witho: Erm, could be...
Operator: And where are you calling from?
Witho: What, do you mean you want my work number?
Operator: Sorry, who are you?
Witho (starting to get a bit irate): I'm a client of yours *thinks: "a client who's paying you lot hundreds of pounds to fill in some forms and make a few phone calls ferchrissake!"*
Operator (laughing): Oh, sorry, I thought you were the other solicitor or something... so you are actually purchasing the property?
Witho (clearly not amused): Er, yes
Operator: Well, I'm afraid [insert random name] isn't in until 10. I'll take your number and get her to phone you back.

Very, very shoddy.

I shouldn't have to jump through these hoops to speak to someone to whom I'm paying a large sum of money to act on my behalf. Okay, maybe I should have brought their letter into work to cite their exact reference, but my name and the address of the property should enable them to track down their files.

Snooty, unhelpful receptionists. Most usually found in doctor's surgeries, but also abundant in a variety of other contexts.

And [insert random name] hasn't called me back yet...

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