Saturday, April 23, 2005

All the threes

About a month ago, I drooled over one of these in a shop window in Bude:

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Today, as a reward for my age being divisible (with no remainder) by the numbers 3 and 11 as well as by itself and the number 1 (meaning presumably that I'm *not*, in fact, a woman in my "prime", though I was at 31 and will be again at 37...), the BF presented me with same.

Once again, he managed to pick out something I had wanted for a long time: the digital camera and the iPod mini being further examples of this particular skill of his.

In the case of the Dualit toaster, the hankering period probably went on for about 17 or 18 years! I used to work in a baker-shop-cum-café on Saturdays which had one like this (though not a Dualit). As I prepared ham and cheese toasties for the Walthamstow folk who were taking a break from their shopping down Wood Street ("Betty's" shoes, "Dewco's" for bargain items, "Fine Fare" foods and "Sounds Familiar" records where my sisters and I would spend hours hunting for our favourite tracks; I remember when I finally found a 12" copy of "Never too much" by Luther Vandross... the excitement *was* almost too much for me!), I would dream of having an industrial style chrome retro toaster of my very own.

It is, in essence, a hideously overpriced bread-browning device. But it is, like the red telephone box and the routemaster bus, a classic of British design, it looks fabulous and I love it! And I would *never* have bought it for myself. Which is, to my mind, what makes it a perfect present.

And it goes to prove that men *can* take hints after all. Even if they're not even meant as hints. When I drooled over that toaster in the shop in Cornwall, I didn't think for one minute: "if I do this, maybe he'll buy me one for my birthday". I was merely indulging my own selfish lust for chrome, retro-style kitchen peripherals. Honest!

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