Monday, April 18, 2005

Do as you're told!

"Buy Observer"

I study my mobile's display questioningly. I remember putting the reminder in there a couple of weeks ago but I'm damned if I can remember why.

"Buy Observer"

Now, I had, a couple of weeks previously, bought a Saturday Guardian (the sister newspaper to The Observer) to read on the train to Southampton. Maybe there was something in there advertising a feature which would appear in a couple of weeks' time...

"BF, I've got to buy an Observer today"
"I don't know, but my phone is telling me to, so there must be a reason..."
"Right... oh, I know, it's that food thing"
"No, that was last week, and I wasn't that interested in that anyway..."
"So remind me to buy one, yeah?"

I often omit the wherefores and the whys when putting reminders in my phone. One weekend it squawked: "Apple crumble" at me. Another time, simply: "Sausages".

The former food-based reminder was brought about by my thinking about apple crumble at a time when I couldn't actually make one (e.g. whilst sitting at my desk at work). It happens. So I set it to remind me about apple crumble at the weekend, when I could go and purchase the ingredients.

The latter referred to some sausages I'd put in the freezer, which needed to be used by a certain date.

At least with these, despite the initial bemusement/amusement, I had managed to work out the reason for the reminder.

"Buy Observer"

There was only one thing for it. I'd just have to "Buy Observer".

Evidently, as we drove home from Petersfield last evening, I realised that I had thus far omitted to "Buy Observer". Luckily, though, there were still some left at the service station. I had a quick look at the main features, but nothing caught my eye.

As I drove along, the BF flicked through:

"An article on Hitler?"
"VE day special?"
"A free copy of 'Restaurant at the end of the universe'?"
"No, I don't think so"

At home, I begin my quest.

Main news section: unlikely to be here as these are things which have happened recently and I set that reminder a couple of weeks ago.
Sport: come off it...
Business and Finance: since when have I been interested in this?
Reviews: Hmmm, *flicks through*, no...
Glossy mag: *flicks* No *flicks* no *flicks* no *flicks* no...

Hold on:
"Amanda was pregnant with James when Mike decided to become a Tudor monarch..."


That'll be it then:

I knew this guy at [insert company name]. I went to his leaving do. He walked away from AS400s to "become" Henry VIII. Although he didn't "become" Henry immediately. He walked into some other AS400s first (quite coincidentally, in Taunton) and led a double life for a while until he realised that he could make a living from something he loved and could ditch the '400. Can you see why I was interested in this article?

He had sent an email a few weeks ago charting his progress and reminding his friends to buy the Observer on Sunday 17th April.

So I did.

Hence (or otherwise), my Monday glumness was peaking this morning.

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