Thursday, April 21, 2005

Learning points

Football overrides kittens

Specifically: showing BF a photo of some RSPCA rescue kittens at the very moment when Gary Neville is being sent off and Manchester United are 1-0 down to Everton may not yield the expected response of: "yes, dear, those kittens look lovely, let's go and get them immediately".

Running is proving to be a bit more of a struggle at the moment. It has always been a hard slog for me - I don't think I'm a natural distance runner, too powerfully built (for this, read "chunky"), but with dogged (as a "cat person" maybe that should be "catted") determination I persevere and to my credit, I never stop, I always keep going however hard I'm finding it.

But recently, despite the fact that I am doing significantly shorter distances (5 or 6 miles, compared to 11 - 13), I've been finding it very hard. The Sunday morning runs have been okay, but the Wednesday evening ones have left me feeling grumpy and lacking in confidence.

The club has changed since the Taunton half marathon (3rd April - I didn't do it because I'd double-booked that weekend. Gutted). Because there are fewer people, they don't divide the group by pace anymore, so the 7-8 minute milers are running in the same group as the 11-12 minute milers, the faster runners "looping back" to bring the group back together momentarily, only to speed off into the distance again. Psychologically, this can tip the delicate balance of the positive/negative experience of running towards the negative.

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