Monday, April 25, 2005

Nocturnal confusion

It is the middle of the night. I've just turned over and am facing the Big Fella in my state of bleary-eyed half-wakefulness, glad to note that it's not yet time to get up.
"Are you okay, love?" he asks. He sounds terribly concerned.
"Yes, I'm fine... why do you ask?"
"I can't remember"

Not only can he not remember why he asked me if I was okay literally seconds earlier, he has no recollection of this conversation when I quiz him about it this morning...

I always make the mistake of thinking he's awake when he comes out with his regular, random pronouncements during the night. I think to myself "this time, maybe this time, rational conversation will ensue". It rarely does...

The theme for this weekend was watching "difficult" films. Films which do not promise an easy ride, films which cause the viewer to wince, to avert their eyes, to frown, to cling on to their fellow viewer as if by doing so, the horror with which you are being presented will somehow become diluted, easier to swallow.

Both are films where the horror does not come from computer-generated monsters, a menacing orchestral score or an unlikely fantasy world scenario. Ah no. These films were based on events which actually happened here on this earth.

Downfall and Open Water.


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