Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Peaks and troughs

This was the trough.

This was the peak. Literally!

Once again, the Sunday run put right the wrongs of the previous Wednesday. Five miles through forest tracks accompanied by the damp, fresh smell of an English wood on a Sunday morning in spring.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't easy. There were more uphill stretches than I've ever had to deal with before as we climbed several hundred feet through the trees. My calves are still reminding me...

The secret? Splitting into two groups. Letting the faster ones go off first without them having to loop back, running with people of a similar ability and pace and only being overtaken by a very excitable and energetic dog! In a group of four of us (plus the dog) I came second - and there were two blokes in the group! I ran all the hills (however slowly) and at the end, was so glad I'd gone. I had nearly bottled it...

I'll keep an open mind for Wednesday...

Cookery Notes

My birthday meal at the weekend involved rekindling my love affair with North African/Middle Eastern food which, I think, can be traced back to my time in Brussels where there were several Lebanese restaurants - my favourite being "Al Barmaki". Of course, my time in France gave me some snippets of some of the goodies on offer, like merguez and cous cous, but it wasn't until I arrived in Brussels that these elements all came together in one grand meze!

We found a cosy little "Moroccan Tapas Bar" in Exeter and had what is obligatory under the circumstances - the meze. Our favourite dish was merguez in a tomatoey sauce, but frankly everything was spot on. We finished with baklava and I had a coffee that was too strong even for me!

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