Thursday, April 07, 2005

Witho plans her journey

Okay. I'm travelling from Taunton (Somerset) to Petersfield (Hampshire), a distance of 117.9 miles. I'll be departing on the Saturday afternoon, returning on the Sunday. Let's have a look:

Hmmm, not too bad. The 15:30 means less time spent on the train, but ultimately the 13:01 gets us there earliest. Note to self: take book, mp3 player and something to eat. It's going to be a long one!

Now, the return:

Sorry? Didn't quite catch that.

*clicks on "Earlier train"*
*notes that no earlier train is displayed*

So you're telling me that the only train back to Taunton on the Sunday leaves at 23:24 and arrives in Taunton at 08:43 the following day?

*clicks on "View Details" - just for a laugh*


"BF! Load up the car, love, looks like I'm driving..."

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