Friday, April 29, 2005

Work, schmörk

I spent most of yesterday meticulously debugging a program which turned out to be working perfectly. I'm not sure what had changed between it not working on Wednesday and it working on Thursday. The wind, perhaps...

I guess at least I was "working" for *most* of the day, even if it was utterly futile.

They've recently reorganised the department so that I now fall under the "Customer Services Group" (IT support, essentially) rather than the "Business Development Group" (project work) even though they claim that our roles will not change in the short to medium term. They spent a long time putting together an organisational "blueprint" with a series of meaningless diagrams and empty phrases which will probably never be referred to again.

Cynical, moi?

I also had a meeting with my new manager.

Manager: "I don't know much about you, I wasn't involved in your recruitment. What do you do?"
Witho: "I'm an AS400 developer"
Manager: "So, what's a developer, then?"


Excitement followed, as the company magazine landed on our desks. My colleagues and I incredulously noted that during an interview with one of the new directors, the second question was: "What are your core values?".

I know what my answer would be:

"Loving, laughing, eating, sleeping"

though I don't think that was the kind of thing they would have been after...

Later, colleague B was threatening to throw an apple core at colleague P (for reasons I can't actually recall, but which aren't really relevant anyway). Colleague P pointed out that he didn't really understand why people didn't eat the apple core. I mentioned that BF always ate the core...

Colleague D then piped up: "I guess it depends on your core values"

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