Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Another string to my bow

First things first, in the above expression, are they talking about bows (of bow and arrow fame) or bows (of stringed instrument fame)? That's what I want to know... amongst many other things, of course.

*goes all wistful on mention of stringed instruments*

Recently, I've been thinking of buying a 'cello and rekindling my "musicality". I haven't played one for *gulps* what must be about 19 years. After playing it for a couple of years at school, I had to decide whether or not to carry on with it. Whilst I would have liked to, this would have meant my mum forking out hundreds of pounds on a 'cello - up until then, I'd been borrowing one from the local authority. This was pretty standard in my "borough".

And whilst *I* thought my family was "rich" (kids at school used to call me "posh" - on account of me knowing my times tables...) this wasn't actually the case.

So since then, I've remained 'cello-less. Though I still have my 'cello music and, if I close my eyes, I can picture exactly how to play the solo I played at the school concert, even if I'm not sure if I could read the music anymore. Funny how the memory works...

So, why am I wittering on about 'cellos anyway? Well, because (as hinted at by the title) I may be about to add another proverbial string to my proverbial bow, though we're not sure which type of bow - you see? We've gone full circle!

I seem to have volunteered to learn how to be a SQL Server Database Administrator*. The current "encumbent" is leaving the company so, since they're unlikely to replace him, someone has to learn it. I'm apparently the only one who expressed even a passing interest... This may even mean that I become *bitter taste in mouth* Microsoft Certified! Some would argue that I should have been certified some time ago, but for other reasons...

Watch this space

*for any non-geeks, this just means someone who can look after a specific type of (Microsoft) database.

That's what Friendees are for

So I'm bombing along the A361 towards the M5 junction. Just before the big roundabout, a sliproad joins the carriageway from the left. A camper van is on the sliproad just ahead of me, making a beeline for the nearside lane. I slow down and flash him to go in front of me. The driver acknowledges me with a quick "hazard flash". I smile. Then my smile becomes even broader, because this is not just *any* camper van, ah no. It's

*drum roll*

a Bongo Friendee!

Ever since this post, I've been seeing Bongo Friendees *everywhere*. There's even one up my road! Or maybe it's just the same one, following me around. Who knows - who cares! It brought a smile to my face on my drive home and, for that alone, it should be encouraged.

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