Monday, May 09, 2005


The Witho/BF weekends oscillate between:

This weekend was of the latter variety.

We started well on Friday evening, going here to see this. I found the film very engaging, mainly because it played with your emotions, pushing and pulling you, convincing you that Manech was dead, then offering various glimmers of hope only to dash them again at the next turn - and so on. The film was a winding journey through the grim horrors of trench warfare towards the truth about what happened to a young French soldier. We were also enthralled by the "double seats" they had at the back row of the lovely old cinema. Like little sofas, they were.

On Saturday, after the usual bed-based argument with myself about whether or not I was going to go for a run, I finally decided that I would much prefer to watch Saturday Kitchen whilst munching toast and supping tea. During the programme, the chefs conducted a taste test on some chocolate puddings, one of which was low-fat. All the chefs agreed that it was awful and Martin Bluno suggested that if you were on a diet, instead of eating chemically modified so-called low-fat concoctions of otherwise fattening foods, you could just have a smaller portion of a real chocolate pudding.

So simple and yet so true. This is very much my philosophy towards food: keep it real. There are plenty of proper foods which are naturally low in fat if you want it that way. Or there is portion control if you love rich foods. Moderation, common sense, a bit of what you fancy combined with regular exercise...

...thought she, as she languished on the sofa instead of going for a run...


I did, however, manage to achieve something useful that day, though not without a bit of (melo)drama along the way.

I decided I would fix the errant roman-style blind in the bathroom which had taken it upon itself to become lopsided on account of one of its strings breaking.

After releasing it from its brackets, I spent a considerable amount of time disentangling the strings from their freestyle format and re-entangling them in the recommended format. I then had to call upon the services of a large needle to get the string through the middle of a long piece of wood. This done, I was required to fashion a small hook out of a common or garden paper clip in order to yank the string through the exit hole which ran perpendicular to the length of wood. After celebrating my success, I proceeded upstairs to re-hang the blind. The BF decided at this point to have a shower. As you'll find out, these two events are related.

As I stood near the window, balancing the top of the blind on its brackets, brandishing screws and sneaking behind the blind whilst trying not to knock it off the brackets (my head being wider than the gap between blind and window), my first attempt with the screwdriver resulted in the screw falling out of the fanlight window. Luckily, it had landed on the external window frame, so I was able to retrieve it.

Meanwhile, the BF started complaining about the shower being cold. "Funny," I think to myself, "the shower is electric - it heats the water itself. It would only be cold if the electricity was off..."

"You know what you've done, don't you?"
"Look where you're standing"

I looked where I was standing. Oh dear. I was in "the danger zone", the area of our bathroom which reacts violently to your standing in it by tripping the electrics off. Dodgy, very dodgy.

Yes, we've told the landlord about it several times. An electrician has promised to come round several times. All to no avail...

I scuttle downstairs and flick the switch. As I bumble back into the bathroom, making a beeline for the window again, the BF says:


"I think it's best if you leave that until I've finished my shower, don't you?"

PS - I *did* go for that run in the end...

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