Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sisters are doin' it...

... or should that be: "Sisters have been and gone and done it"?

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Witho and big sis' after the race

I'm so proud of my big sister. She ran the whole 5km - the furthest she's ever run. She'd been training on the treadmill and before yesterday had only managed 4km. She started run/walking in November and, as a busy working mum, could only manage lunchtime sessions on the treadmill, but she worked hard at it and despite still claiming that she hates running, she persevered.

I let her set the pace and just stayed with her. At one point, she was even heard to say: "They're going too slowly!" We passed the finishing line at 34:57 which was faster than she was expecting (being in possession of the Witho "pessimist" gene).

I took a photo en route using my camera-phone. Apologies for the blurriness, but I *was* running at the time and you *could* say that it gives the photo a certain dynamism... possibly...

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I know there are some people who are reading this thinking: "Yeah, whatever, but I don't think I could run 5km". I know this because I thought that a couple of years ago. My sister still thought that a couple of months ago. But do you know what? We both could and did...

I'm so proud to have inspired her... she amazed herself yesterday.

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